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Welcome to the Mama and the Doc and thanks for stopping by.

Regardless of how or why you came to be here, we hope you find some fresh insight, practical information and tangible examples to help you navigate your way through the rollercoaster ride of parenthood and get some much-needed rest along the way!

Whether you are dealing with dummy dependence, fussy eating, catnapping or night waking – we’ve got you covered!

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We wish you all the very best and trust that your parenting journey will be filled with love, laughter, hope and defining moments.

Mama and the Doc x

We know that parenthood can be an amazing, exhilarating experience

It can also be downright challenging and leave you feeling isolated, perplexed, frustrated and exhausted – sometimes all at once!

When things veer off track, as they will from time to time, we empower and equip you with the tools and insight to tackle whatever comes next with patience, persistence, resilience and consistency.

Every day is different. We’ll help you turn a SHIT day into a better day

We candidly acknowledge that having a SHIT day (dealing with a child that is sick, hungry, in pain, too hot or too cold) is part of parenting and share our strategies, including the PLAC8™ method of settling, to calm the crying and help your baby drift off to sleep.

PLAC8™ is a five-step baby settling method that incorporates the “Comfort Hold” (perfect for younger babies and particularly effective when dealing with reflux), audio and gentle reassurance.

Keep the Sleep™ range of baby soothing sounds

You know how you function when you don’t get enough sleep and it’s no different for your baby or child, no matter what age they are.

To help, we have created the Keep the Sleep™ range of baby soothing sounds.

Tune in to the FREE audio samples and take a moment to unwind with these specially engineered sounds, including Coastal CalmMelody of DreamsNatural Wonder and Purr-fect Vibe.

Keep the Sleep

Keep the Sleep book

An essential guide to babies, sleep and the toddler years. Help your baby get more rest, tackle toddler tantrums, address fussy feeding and nurture yourself along the way.

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The Sound Room

The Sound Room

Our custom-made range of Keep the Sleep™ baby soothing sounds has been created to calm the crying and lull your baby to sleep.

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