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Maria Ligerakis is a journalist and mother of three who has been given more than her fair share of parenting advice, had her birth plan expectations turned upside down and battled through sleepless nights following her eldest daughter’s year-long struggle with reflux.

She is the co-author of Keep the Sleep (a practical guide to baby sleep, settling and the toddler years), co-developer of the PLAC8™ method of settling and creator of the Keep the Sleep™ range of baby soothing sounds (available on CD and as MP3 downloads).

Her rollercoaster experience of motherhood has taken her on a journey of discovery, providing her with incredible highs, a heart-warming connection with parents, and an insider’s view of baby sleep and just what makes babies and toddlers tick.

Dr Luke Sammartino is a paediatrician who has attended the birth of more than 4000 babies and assisted hundreds of families struggling with baby sleep issues through his involvement with the specialised Mother Baby Unit at Melbourne’s Northpark Private Hospital.

He is the co-author of Keep the Sleep and a father of four.

Dr Luke heads up Northern Paediatric – a thriving paediatric consulting firm in Melbourne’s north and works with a number of charitable organisations that enrich the lives of children, including the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation.

Together they are the Mama and the Doc and they present two sides of the parenting puzzle.

Join them in taking the parenting journey one step at a time.