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“Some days you’ll wing it and other days you’ll ace it. Hang on tight and enjoy all the thrills and spills of parenting.”

– Mama and the Doc

Want to help your baby sleep longer?

Have you experienced a SHIT day where you felt nothing would calm your baby’s crying?

Do you need some tactics to help tackle toddler tantrums?

Has fussy feeding become an issue in your household?

At the Mama and the Doc, we believe that anything that can make the lives of parents just that little bit easier and save precious sleep is worth keeping.

Our exclusive PLAC8™ method of baby settling and range of custom-made audio options have been specifically developed to calm the crying and lull your baby to sleep.

The steps in the PLAC8™ method (outlined in our new book, Keep the Sleep) can be implemented individually or collectively and can also be used with older babies.

We show you how simple techniques such as the “comfort hold” (pictured) can trigger the calming reflex in younger babies and why holding your baby in this position is particularly effective when dealing with reflux.

For parents of toddlers, we share our strategies to combat fussy feeding and give you tips to tackle tantrums, bad dreams and night terrors.

On those tough days, when your baby just won’t seem to settle or your toddler is pushing the boundaries, we encourage you to go easy on yourself and remember that days like these are part of the rollercoaster ride of parenting.

Stay strong – you got this!