Natural Wonder


A powerful combination of sounds to help soothe your baby and cut through the crying if they are particularly unsettled. Natural Wonder combines the healing sounds of water running through a creek, a rock pool and a stream. Infused with a calming energy, this soundscape encapsulates the wonders of nature. Remember to position your audio device further away from your baby once the crying has stopped to protect their sensitive ears.

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After purchase, your audio .MP3 file will be available for download.

Since baby sleep cycles range from 20-40 minutes for young babies and 50-60 minutes for older babies, we recommend copying this one-hour recording to a USB or other portable device and duplicating it several times or running it on continuous play at a low volume.

*Download times will vary according to your internet connection speed. The one-hour MP3 files are large (to preserve the quality of transmission) and may take some time to transfer. We recommend downloading overnight if this is more convenient.

*Terms of use are governed by copyright law. The Keep the Sleep™ audio cannot be recorded or duplicated for business or commercial purposes without prior written permission from the Mama and the Doc.