The Sound Room

The Sound Room 2017-12-06T00:25:32+00:00

The Keep the Sleep™ custom-made range of baby soothing sounds has been created to:

  • ease your baby’s transition from womb to the outside world
  • trigger your baby’s calming reflex
  • help your little one drift off to sleep
  • gently transition your baby from one sleep cycle to the next
  • calm the crying
  • mask the sound of a busy household

Since babies begin to develop their hearing in-utero, you can introduce these sounds during pregnancy. By the third trimester, you may notice your baby responding to noise by kicking.

Go ahead and take a moment to unwind with your baby and enjoy these specially engineered sounds, including Coastal Calm, Melody of Dreams, Natural Wonder and Purr-fect Vibe.

Tune into your baby’s responses to discover which sound works best and always be mindful of sound levels when using audio as part of your baby’s sleep routine. The suggested limit is around 50dB (roughly the volume of someone taking a light shower), according to recommendations for neonatal intensive care units and hospital nurseries.